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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  April 15, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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you fired at reeva. the other versions of yours -- >> it's not true, my lady. >> oscar pistorius challenged on the stand. another day of cross-examination starts this hour. we are live in pretoria. and we're live in perth,ous, for the latest in the search for the missing malaysian airlines flight 370. a warning to moscow. barack obama tells vladimir putin to stay out of ukraine. why russia's insisting its t's not involved in the conflict.
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that idiot absolutely knocked a family to its knees for no reason. >> we're finding out more about the man accused of gunning down three people including a 14-year-old and his grathd. the family calls it a senseless killing. officials say it is a hate crime. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. we would like to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. >> we're keeping an eye on the sky. you're looking at a partial eclipse. the moon is changing colors pause it's passing through the earth's shadow, reflecting some of the sun's rays. we're told the so-called blood moon will reach its peak or total eclipse starting at six minutes past the hour. so we will have more on that a
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little later. and we'll keep a live picture up on the bottom of the screen a little later so you can keep an eye on it, as well. also happening this hour, we're expecting oscar pistorius to return to the stand for a fifth day of cross-examination. >> yeah. the south african is defending himself against charges of premeditated murder in the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. on monday, the prosecutor again tried to expose inconsistencies in pistorius' testimony. listen -- >> you said you were vulnerable. you felt vulnerable. am i right? >> that's correct, my lady. >> but you approached the danger -- the two doesn't make sense. in fact, you knew that reeva was behind the door, and you shot at her. that is the only thing that makes sense. you shot at her knowing that she was behind that door. >> it's not true, my lady.
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>> the cross-examination was so intense that pistorius broke down a number of times. the court had to be adjourned twice so he could gather himself. here's the exchange between pistorius and the prosecutor. >> we haven't spoken about reeva. we haven't spoken about anything now. but you're getting emotional. why? >> we were speaking about reeva, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, you're not using your emotional state as an escape, are you? >> no, my lady. i can't remember how i opened the doors. i can't remember how i opened the doors. >> i cannot see how that would cause you to be emotional if you cannot remember how you opened the door. i just don't. >> i did not fire at reeva! >> and we will have much more on the trial coming up. we'll hear from our legal analyst in pretoria. and of course we'll bring you today's cross-examination as soon as it gets underway. for our viewers in the u.s., "early start" and "new day" will also have special coverage of the trial throughout the
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morning. the white house says brim and vladimir putin had a frank and direct conversation on monday. >> yeah. the u.s. and russian leader spoke by phone about the crisis in ukraine. mr. obama urge police department putin to press pro--- urged putin m to help prevent the use of force. but as pro-russia unrest spread, the acting president called for u.n. peacekeepers in eastern ukraine. europe is blaming russia for the crisis and is threatening more sanctions against moscow. russia insists it is not interfering with events in ukraine. and as jim sciutto reports, the u.s. and others say that's simply not true. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: in one eastern ukrainian town after another, pro-russian militant storming government buildings and seizing them at gunpoint.
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as ukrainian forces responded, the sides exchanged gunfire, killing at least one. today russian president vladimir putin said he is alarmed by the violence. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: but u.s. officials place the blame firmly on him and his government. russia continues to engage in pro provocative actions in eastern ukraine. the mere presence of the troops in addition to what else they've done inside ukraine creates a threat of destabilization within ukraine. >> translator: unfortunately, the fact is that the armed seizure of buildings in six eastern ukrainian towns yesterday and several more today mirrors the tactics russian forces used in the early stages of the crimea invasion. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: it's a charge russia, however, flatly denies, describing the protests as peaceful. and accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the demonstrations that overthrew ukraine's previous pro-russian government.
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>> this is hypocrisy beyond limit. >> reporter: the white house confirmed that cia director john brennan was in kiev over the weekend saying the visit was part of a bradder trip to europe. -- broader trip to europe. still, tensions are extending far beyond eastern ukraine. today a russian warplane flew by the "uss donald koch" in the black sea at close kbauquarters times. attempts to reach -- 12 times. attempts to reach them failed. the shuttle diplomacy continues. secretary of state john kerry to geneva this week to meet with russian foreign minister lavrov and vice president joe bide tonight ukraine next week -- biden to ukraine next week. all the way, u.s. officials warning of more sanctions and further military maneuvers if russia escalates which they accuse russia of doing now. the additional steps have yet to materialize. cnn, washington. okay. for our viewers in north or
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maybe south america right now, you may want to look out the window -- >> or stay where you are. here's what we're about to talk about. a total lunar eclipse is in progress. turning the moon a copper red. nasa calls this a blood moon. and it will be its most red about 40 minutes from now. some of the best viewing locations are in dallas, denver, and los angeles. looks pretty spectacular. >> it's underway right now. our ivan cabrera is following it close he -- he's a space geek. >> in front of the moon. >> it's begun. >> how excited are you? >> well, very excited. i would say if the scale went up to an 11, i would be at an 11. look at that. >> wow! isn't that awesome? >> there it is. we have entered the umbra here at 3:07 eastern time.
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looks fantastic. you'll see it's going to continue to get even better glow and just to get that copper red which is why we're calling it blood moon. exciting stuff. is john getting hairier and howling? >> that happens most days. >> it does, around about this time. >> i'm just getting another myth. >> no, put the myth away. >> another myth. listen, if you're watching us from home, why don't you record cnn now, and then go outside your window and then record the moon -- i bet we'll put that on tv. that will be exciting stuff. you'll miss nothing. exactly. we don't want you to miss the rest of the broadcast. for kids at home, we've now entered the umbra here. it will continue. you're not going to miss it for the next hour and 20 minutes or so. it's going to be in the umbra. we're going to get that red hue across the moon.
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what's happening is when getting the sunshine, the longer wave lengths, red light is filtering through the earth's atmosphere, going at the moon and the moon is reflecting it back to us. this happens with every lunar eclipse. this is not an unusual event, if you're curious. we'll get another if you're under the places that have clouds, like atlanta. we'll get another shot coming up in october. right now not looking good. but for the central and western u.s., we'll is live shots from los angeles. toward mexico city where it has been looking fantastic. you can see this from nasa, the observatory. >> gorgeous shot. >> last one. >> no, no, no. >> it comes from togo. >> this is a nice one actually. and apparently this holds until today. people there believe that the -- some of the moon were fighting during the eclipse, which is why the moon is blood red.
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the people in toga, some of them, believe this is a time of coming together to resolve all feuds, and january moftdy. >> we like that one. yeah. >> happy. >> i'm done, that's it. >> that's the last one. >> last one. >> all this research. he's out of research now. >> that was a good one. >> yeah. >> finish on a high note. >> he does deliver sometimes. extraordinary. ivan cabrera, many thanks. all right. ahead, the search for flight 370 goes deep. >> the robotic sub scouring the demth depth of the indian ocean has already run into trouble. in the u.s., a community in mourning. a gunman kills three people at two jewish community centers in what's being called a senseless crime. he thought it was the endn for his dof the conversation.d... she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up. or that she maxed out her card during spring break.
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the first six hours a sub spent looking in the indian ocean turned up no sign of malaysian airlines flight 370. >> that's come from the bluefin in its first 16-hour mission which was cut short because it exceeded its depth limits. >> search coordinator angus houston says air and surface operations where the aircraft most likely entered the water will soon end. >> a u.s. official told cnn the co-pilot's phone contacted a cell tower in malaysia around the same time the plane disappeared. there is no evidence he tried to make a call. >> for more on the submarine and whether it goes back in the water, we -- when it goes back in the water, we join our erin mclaughlin from search headquarters in perth, australia, where it is 3:13 in the afternoon. erin, of course, as we've just found out in the last hour or so, nothing came of those six hours that the bluefin was in the water. so when is it likely to go back in the water?
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>> reporter: no timetable has been given yet. the seventh fleet -- u.s. navy seventh fleet, operating the bluefin 21 on board the "ocean shield," putting out a press statement saying that weather is a factor. it's not in the water yet. important to note that that six hours involves some two hours of the bluefin 21 actually getting down to the ocean surface. it had two hours to search and two hours coming up. it was only searching the surface of the ocean for two hours. the data collected, the seventh fleet releasing the statement saying no new objects of interest found. officials here in australia have said all along that this is likely to be a slow and stain staking process. -- painstaking process. that seems to be the case. in terms of what happened, the
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bluefin had ascended for its search and came cross the outer reaches of the area when it came across waters deeper than the 4.5 kilometers it was programmed to be able to deal with, 4.5 kilometers being the edges of its search capability. resurfaced. we understand they are reassessing that search area, perhaps shifting it to shallower waters that it's more able to deal with. rosemary? >> all right. many thanks to erin mclaughlin reporting live from perth, australia. rosemary, in the u.s., kansas city is in shock after a gunman opened fire at two jewish community centers on sunday killing three people. one of the victims was just a 14-year-old boy. >> yeah. as we report, the suspect is described as long-time white supremacist. four and five shots have been fired interest the front door. there's a male with a shotgun.
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>> reporter: bill corporan had just pulled into the community center parking lot with his grandson. >> and now 12 shots have been fired. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: 14-year-old reit underwood was about to audition for a singing competition, but he never got the chance. ♪ >> we've got two down. that's all we're aware of at this time. >> reporter: frasier glen cross shot and killed them. >> they literally pulled in, and i opened the doors to get out. they were ambushed. >> reporter: investigators say cross didn't stop there. he then drove to a nearby jewish assisted living facility and shot and killed terry lamano, who was visiting hear mother. three lives ended in a senseless, violent rage. >> it takes no character to do what was done. it takes no strength of character. it takes no backbone. takes no morals. takes no ethics.
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all it takes is an idiot with a gun. >> reporter: frasier glen cross has been called a raging anti-semite by the poverty poverty law center which monitors hate groups. after cross was arrested, he yelled "hail hitler" from the -- "highlight hitler" from the back of the police car. he organized the white patriot party. four years ago he ran for the u.s. senate and spewed a hate-filled world view to the "howard stern" radio show. >> what is the biggest problem with the jews? >> they control the federal government, the mass media, they control the federal reserve bank. and with those powers they're committing genocide against the white race and enslaving gentiles. i spent 20 years in the united states army. i retired as a master sergeant, two tours in vietnam, 13 years in the green beret paratroopers. i'm a patriotic white man. >> reporter: that was cross speaking to knbc-tv eight years ago. cross gave an interview to the station justifying the racist
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content of a newspaper he was distributing called "the aryan alternative." >> we'll never take back our country by -- we want to take back our country by whatever means necessary. i see 50 million white men out of work, then whitey will fight. >> reporter: for the families of the victims, frasier glen cross is evil. >> thattid idity yacht absolute knock -- idiot absolutely knocked a family to its knees for no reason. >> investigator ares -- yofrgs are looking into charging the shooter -- investigators are looking charging the shooter as a hate crime. >> none of the victims were jewish. the woman who lost her son and her father in the attack says her faith is now helping her cope with this incredible loss. >> as i pulled up, i saw that he was lying on the ground. my first thought was that he'd had a heart attack.
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he was just lying there. very quickly i realized that it wasn't that. and i knew that my dad was in heaven within seconds. and i ran around the truck, and i saw my son lying there, and there were already two people with him. there were two men whom i don't know. and they were holding him, and i did not get a good look at him. i saw just that he seemed a little lifeless. it was a horrible act of violence, and my dad, our dad, and my son were at the wrong place at the wrong time for a split second. >> and she went on to say she takes comfort in the fact that neither her father nor her son saw the attack coming, and they felt no pain. we are waiting for the murder trial of oscar pistorius to get underway. >> he has just arrived at pretoria's high court. that happened a few minutes ago. coming up, we'll look at the line of questioning which can be expected from that very aggressive prosecutor.
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something special in the skies now. and it's at its best right now. the red. >> yeah. these are actually live pictures of the total lunar eclipse in progress. nasa calls it a blood moon for its copper red color. and this is the first of four that we expect to see through till september next year. people living in north and south america will have the best view. >> okay. paul is in los angeles where thousands have gathered to watch all of this. paul? >> reporter: hello, john, rosemary. yes, indeed. thousands, they say 2,500 to 3,000, they had to close down
12:23 am
part of griffin park. the observatory is where people are catching a glimpse of this. tilt up -- there's the moon right now. and a lot of astronomers populating the grounds of griffith observatory now. we're going to talk to richard fuentes here in a second. he's with the l.a. astronomical society, and richard, i want to ask you a question here. this is your first full lunar eclipse. what's going through your mind? >> wow, it's really exciting. extremely exciting. it's fantastic. plus, look at the crowd. makes it even better. >> reporter: part of this is the shared experience. i mean, i watched you, you enjoy grabbing someone and saying, come look through my 11-inch telescope here. >> that's what we're here for. >> reporter: did any of this surprise you or what does the color look like to you? >> orangey. it looks really orangey. it's getting more and more orangey. there's still a little light on the right side of the moon.
12:24 am
>> reporter: thank you very much. just one of the many amateur astronomers enjoying the sight from los angeles. >> lost him. how about that -- wrapping him -- >> that's causing trouble. >> that's what it is. paul there. we have nick parker on the phone i believe from mexico city. so nick, tell us what the scene is there as we take the picture. >> reporter: rosemary, it's an absolutely packed crowd at the mexican astronomical society in downtown mexico. they expected about 20 people and got about 100. and it's a real sort of feeling of excitement in the air. now we're seeing a situation where the moon is completely in the earth's shadow. and i think everybody is really looking forward to seeing it take on that red tinge. everybody at the moment sharing binoculars, telescopes. they're taking turns on the observatory's big powerful telescope which is why everybody's here in the first
12:25 am
place. and i think a lot of people that are here have never seen anything like this even though there was one in 2011. it's quite a special atmosphere, rosemary. >> yeah. it is a spectacular image indeed. nick parker talking to us there from mexico city. many thanks to you. >> of course, this is the first of four which will take us through september -- >> next year. >> 2015. absolutely. plenty of chances. >> indeed. depends whether you've got the cloud cover or not. ahead, the oscar pistorius trial expected to resume at any moment. >> we will head live to the courthouse in pretoria, south africa, that's coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything.
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cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm john vause. we'd like it welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. now a check of the headlines this hour -- u.s. president barack obama is urging russian president vladimir putin to press those pro-russian demonstrators to virginia indicate buildings which they've seize -- vacate buildings which they've seized in eastern ukraine. the unrest is only getting worse with ukraine's acting president proposing that the u.n. send in peacekeeping troops. the first sucks hours a u.s. robotic submarine spent searching in the indian ocean turned up no signs of malaysia airlines flight 370. the bluefin's first 16-hour mission was cut short when it exceeded its depth limit. but it's now being reprogrammed and charged up for another deployment in the hours ahead.
12:29 am
residents of north and south america are getting a firsthand glimpse of a total lunar eclipse. nasa says the moon is out completely in the earth's shadow triggering this reddish/orange color known as a blood moon phase. this is the first of four that we can expect to see through until september next year. we're waiting for the trial of oscar pistorius to resume for another day. >> the south african arrived at court just a short time ago. in fact, he's accused of murd murderimurde murdering reeva steenkamp in february of last year. he will take the stand as the prosecution cross examines him for a fifth day. >> kelly phelps is outside the courtroom for us. this has been an unrelenting cross-examination by the prosecution. how much longer is this expected to continue? >> reporter: well, it's very difficult to tell.
12:30 am
it's not surprising that it is t has been an unrelenting prosecution or unrelenting cross-examination because that is gerrie nel's tactic. he's known for keeping accused persons on the stand for a long period of time. he is nearing the end of that night in question now. but there's still quite a bit of ground to cover. he still needs to cover the immediate aftermath when he carried her down the stairs, who he phoned, what he said it those people, when they arrived on the scene. we expect him to be on the stand for another day if not longer. >> the strategy seems to be to portray pistorius as a liar who deliberately set out to kill his girlfriend. is the strategy working for the prosecution? is there a danger it could backfire? >> reporter: well, it's very difficult to tell at this stage whether it's working because the judge will not consider the trial on a day-by-day basis. she'll wait until all of the
12:31 am
evidence has been presented and then compare and contrast the different stages with each other. and his legal team still have the ability to re-examine him. but the prosecution's strategy is actually twofold. on the one hand, they're saying that he's lying and trying to point out inconsistencies to prove that. but -- >> kelly, we will have to wrap it up there. sorry to interrupt. >> the oscar pistorius murder trial back in session in pretor pretoria, south africa. let's listen in. >> over the time that we set aside for this matter. >> yes. >> we've had a discussion before we started, my lady, we agreed to make ourselves available for the completion of this matter. we've done so, my lady. there comes a time, and that's now it, where the -- there are certain matters that mead our attention and need our -- that need our attention and need our attention in the next week or
12:32 am
so. my colleague has to we'll do the accused people in a matter in custody, haven't been in custody for a few years. and that matter should be given preferential treatment, my lady. we all understand -- i'm bringing this application, although i'm bringing it, i'm bringing it with support of the defense, i think. my lady, we all understand that the matter should start and run and get finalized in the quickest possible time, we have all tried our best and, if i may say so, i think we have used court time to the maximum in the time that we've been involved in this matter. my lady, it's -- i cannot say it's only that, my lady. it's also perhaps an issue of personal arrangement being made by myself and my colleagues, my lady, with the long weekends
12:33 am
coming up. that is also an issue, my lady, that we have it mention, that it's not only the fact that we have matters that that is a fact. that we have matters to deal with. it's also certain personal things that we have arranged that have been arranged long before the trial started, my lady. and that we would lake to deal with. having saida all that, we -- having said all that, we kindly request that later in the week we will today, my lady, finalize the cross-examination of the accused. and that if there's an opportune time in the week that we postpone the matter and return on the 5th of may, my lady. that's my application. on the 5th of may to finalize. >> what day of the week? >> a monday. it's in the week -- there are
12:34 am
elections on the 7th. >> so it will be two week, two weeks -- postponement for two weeks. >> indeed, may lady. yes -- my lady. yes, it sounds like two weeks. but if one goes through the diary and identifies the working days in the week, my lady, it's no more than seven -- i haven't counted this morning, but i remember having countsed it. although it's a two-week postponement, my lady, on court days that we may miss, it's a maximum seven days, my lady. that's my application. >> yes? >> at the inception of the trial, we were informed about prior engagements which required necessitating preferential treatment. and we then arranged our affairs
12:35 am
accordingly at the time accepting maybe incorrectly so without your blessing that -- that that would be the situation. so we are full understanding and support for the application. we question that maybe put us the anticipated or expected duration of the defense goes, my lady, that that was -- >> that was going to be my question -- >> i anticipated that, my lady. if i can do something to stop mr. nel in cross-examination not to be that long, that's something to be more accurate. but an analysis of what we think that we believe that the time would suffice between the 5th and the 16th. >> we're talking may? >> may, my lady. should, of course, you grant the application. we also from our side, we have witnesses already on the stand
12:36 am
like -- for the rest of this week all the available court time. >> when you're talking 15, 16, you're talking about evidence being wrapped up? >> my lady, that's what we believe. i can't control the cross-examination. i only can anticipate what it would take per witness. on that analysis, we believe that would be the case. not arguments, but we believe that that would necessitate its own postponement to do the argument. >> okay, thank you. thank you very much. mr. nel, anything les? >> no, my lady. >> anything les? >> no. >> okay. thank you. i want to think about this. tomorrow morning i'll be able to give you my answer. >> as the court pleases. >> as the court pleases. >> we're ready to proceed. >> mr. pistorius, you ready? >> i am, my lady. >> are you still under oath. >> thank you, my lady. >> yes, mr. nel? >> mr. pistorius, there are two things that i just want to go
12:37 am
back to before we proceed from where we ended yesterday, and that is in your version, mr. poift, the deceased must have opened the bathroom window. >> that's correct, my lady. that is before or after she'd been to the toilet? >> before, my lady. >> in your version, she opened the door before she went to dish. >> -- to -- >> no, my lady. >> when did she open the window? >> she opened the window before she went to the toilet, my lady. >> that's it.
12:38 am
and i'm not going to go step by step, just in summary. you heard the noise, you armed yourself, you walked, and when you -- and in the passage you screamed. that's just a summary. >> that's correct, my lady. >> so mr. pistorius, in your version, she must have had time to void her bladder. >> that's correct, my lady. >> and get dressed? >> i don't follow the question, my lady -- >> she -- when you shot her -- >> she was dressed when she went to the bathroom. when she fell asleep she was dressed. >> then she voided her bladder and dressed herself. >> she was wearing basketball shorts, my lady, so she would have had to pull them up, that's correct. >> in your version, and that is before she shut the door. >> that sound correct -- that
12:39 am
sounds correct, my lady. >> so she would have gone to the bathro bathroom, opened the window, gone to the toilet cubicle, voided her bladder, in the time before she shut the door. >> that's correct, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, in my understanding, there would not have been enough time for her to do that. >> i disagree, my lady. >> okay. that's fine. one other aspect, mr. pistorius,
12:40 am
is the noise within the toilet, and i'm not going to rehash this one aspect this i want to deal with, and that is how you described it in the bail application. can you still remember how you described it in the bail application? >> no, my lady. >> let me bend down to get something -- >> yes. >> in exhibit d of the
12:41 am
application line -- it's unfortunately not in exhibit d, it's somewhere -- we'll get someone to assist you. >> noticed that an intruder was in the toilet, the door was closed, i did not see anyone in the bathroom. i heard movement inside the toilet. now what -- >> i'm sorry, my lady, i'm not
12:42 am
sure where we're reading from. >> page 65. >> yes. i see that, my lady, which line? >> if you go to line eight. >> thank you very much. >> and i'll -- shall i read it again? >> yes, please, my lady. i realize that the intruder or intruders was or were in the toilet because the toilet door was closed, and i did not see anyone in the bathroom. i heard movement inside the toilet. >> that's correct, my lady. >> there's nothing about -- was that movement that you refer to in the bail application? >> as i said yesterday, my lady, i heard movement of what -- it sounded like the magazine rack was moving. >> that's what you said yesterday. but in the bail application, there's nothing about that. bail application, my inference is that you heard people move. >> i don't have the bail application in front of me, my lady. >> you do. that's what i'm reading from -- >> my lady, this is -- this is not my bail, this is the defense and the court's transcript.
12:43 am
>> you can take it from me -- >> the correct page? >> i do, my lady. i've got page -- >> 65 -- >> 65. that's correct, my lady. >> now, the court stated it in the record, that's what was entered in the record. >> i understand that, my lady. >> there's nothing about wood movement, am i right? >> no, my lady. there's nothing about wood movements. >> my inference, the movement refers to the intruders. >> i understand that, my lady. >> your voice is extremely low. >> i beg beg your pardon, my le. i understand mr. nel's
12:44 am
inference. before the question came up today, we discussed this movement yesterday, i said yesterday there was a sound of wood moving. that will be the movement we spoke about in the bail, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, i have to ask you one or two questions about this. if i read the sentence, it's movement. movement refers in this context to people moving. there's nothing about wood movi moving. it follows the sentence about the intruders being in the toilet, "i heard movement," and then you carry on where the toilet is. i felt -- and then -- but further on you felt vulnerable, line 20. "i felt trapped because my bedroom door was locked. i had limited mobility on my stumps. i fire ted toilet door." >> that's correct, my lady.
12:45 am
>> one thing we have, there's no indication that you heard the radar open. >> that's true, my lady. >> there's no indication that you -- that you thought they were opening the door in the bail application. >> that's true, may lad-- my la >> there's no indication that the movement or sound you heard referred to the door. >> that's correct, my lady. >> why would you use the word "movement" and not "noise," "i heard a noise in the bathroom," if it was wooded? >> i interpreted it to be movement, my lady. >> how could you interpret movement, wasn't it noise you heard? >> no, my lady. it was movement. >> what was a movement? >> the sound of i think the magazine rack moving inside the toilet, my lady. >> you say a sound, the movement is a sound. you destroy it as a sound. >> that's correct, my lady -- you describe it as a sound. >> that's correct, my lady. >> the movement clearly indicates something different to
12:46 am
what you testified. >> i think movement is where specific than just a noise, my lady. if i said i heard a noise, it would be open to interpretation. was it a voice, it was movement s, inside the toilet. >> at the bail application when you said movement, you referred to the magazine rack moving? >> what i think might have been the magazine rack moving -- >> then, sir, unfortunately, there's their now opens it up for me to say why would you fire if the magazine rack moved? >> didn't have time to interpret it, my lady. i thought it was the door opening. in retrospect, it could have been the only thing i heard in the bathroom. was the only loose object in the bathroom, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, no, you said now i heard the magazine rack moving -- why would you fight?
12:47 am
answer that question. why would you fire if the magazine rack moved? >> because i thought it was the door opening, my lady. >> no, you said you thought it was the magazine rack. >> i said i think it was the magazine rack. in retrospect, it could have only been the magazine rack because the door didn't open, my lady. >> no, you see, mr. pistorius, we've been through this about retrospect, reconstruction. i asked a blank question -- i said, at the bail application, you thought you heard the magazine rack move and you said yes. >> on my bail application, i said i heard a movement from inside the toilet, my lady. >> i'm talking about something totally different, mr. pistorius. i am just testing you on what happened after -- when -- now. a couple of questions ago. >> i'm sorry, my lady. i'm getting confused. >> why would you be getting confused? >> my lady, what i heard -- if i can think of now, the door
12:48 am
didn't open. so it couldn't have been the door opening. >> is it -- that's your problem, mr. pistorius. and i've dealt with it. you are thinking of a version constantly and are not dealing with a question. you're constantly thinking of a version. >> that's not true, my lady. >> you just argued that the door never opened, and so you're constantly thinking of a version. >> that's not true, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, i'll put it to you now that this is one further contradiction in your evidence. >> i don't believe so, my lady. if i said that i heard a movement, that's exactly what i testified yesterday. >> we passed a movement at the magazine rack -- >> the movement was the magazine rack, my lady. >> are you giving us now that fact? >> saw t's t-- it's the only
12:49 am
inference i can make that sounded like the door opening, my lady. >> it's an inference that the magazine rack? >> that's what i said, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, i will we'll do that in argument -- unfortunately, i have to put to you that it's getting more and more improbable, and you're tailoring more and more of your evidence as we go on. do you want to comment on that? >> no, my lady. >> then there's just one other thing -- we dealt with the jeans, and you said something that the jeans were inside out. >> it's correct. from what i saw in the photo, the jeans were inside out. >> that makes less sense for somebody as neat as reeva, that she would leave the jeans inside out. all the other stuff in her
12:50 am
overnight bag, two things -- why would she leave her jeans, and why would they be inside out? why would she leave it like that and not turn it in? >> i'm not sure, my lady. >> mr. pistorius, it indicates the fact that they had detected it quickly and did not have time -- >> when i got home, reeva was in her pajamas. she had arrived moments before me in the gates. this were a couple of minutes when she probably would have gotten changed and went downstairs. i don't know why she left her jeans inside out. >> i'm telling you it's because of what happened in the room. because of your argument. she wanted to leave. there's an argument. she had to get undressed quickly. undress herself, jeans, quickly. that's the only reason it would be in that state. >> i don't understand that, why she would take her jeans off and put my clothing on it leave my house.
12:51 am
>> because of the argument, sir. >> i don't -- >> she wanted to leave, and you were threatening her. >> if she wanted to leave, i guess she would have left in her own clothes, if there was this hypothetical argument. i don't understand the question that's been put to me. >> that's fine. we're -- i understand you. let us carry on, mr. pistorius. and we now at the point where you're on the bed, the gun is next to her. you're putting on your prosthesis, that's where we ended yesterday. >> that's correct, my lady. >> what happened then? >> then ran back to the bathroom, my lady, and i tried to run in to the door with my shoulder. nothing happened. i grabbed the handle and tried to shoulder charge the door, nothing happened. so i lent back, i kicked the door, may lady. >> you did all this knowing that the door opens from the inside out. >> that's correct, my lady. >> yes -- >> i couldn't kick the door from
12:52 am
the inside, so his to kick it from where i -- so i had to kick it from where i was because the door was locked, my lady. >> that's true. good observation, what then? >> then ran to get the critical bat, my lady, as i realized i wasn't going to gain access to the toilet. >> and then? >> then i got the critical bat and ran back to the toilet, my lady. and i tried to strike the door. i remember the first time i hit the door i was screaming, and i hit the frame of the door because i remember the shock in my hands from hitting the frame. i hit a little to the left -- i didn't want to hit the metal on the left. i thought if reeva's inside there, i wouldn't want the plank to hit her. i hit the plank, i hit the -- hit the door, and then the door broke, my lady. >> let us deal with that.
12:53 am
you said you screamed the first time you hit -- >> was screaming the entire time, my lady, but i did scream as i was hitting the door. >> no, the entire time. let us deal with the entire time. you put on your prosteeth that is, you go back -- prosthesis, you go back to the bathroom. were you screaming? >> i was screaming out for reeva, my lady. >> sorry, you were screaming out loud? >> that's correct, my lady. >> and that continued interest the bathroom? >> that's correct -- into the bathroom? >> that's correct, my lady. >> and you had the bat in your hands, and whilst you're hitting the door, you were screaming? >> that's correct, my lady. >> now what happened to the gun?
12:54 am
>> i placed the gun on the carpet, my lady. >> when? >> as i ran into the bathroom with the cricket bat. >> so you ran into the door with your shoulder, your shoulder charged the door with the gun in your hand? >> that's correct, my lady. >> pulled the door from the handle with the gun in your hand? >> my lady, if you look at where the door is positioned and because of my injury on my shoulder, i had the door at the handle and was shoulder charging with my left hand. the pistol was in my right. i couldn't open the door. i laid back, and i kicked the door. >> i'm wondering, what you're now saying is that you held the door by its handle with your left hand. >> that's correct, my lady -- >> gun in your right hand. >> that's correct, my lady. >> and you were then -- hit the
12:55 am
door with your left shoulder? >> yes, my lady, i charged the door with my left shoulder. >> you did it purposely because your right shoulder was injured? >> no, my lady, the door handle is on the left. so i took the door with my right-hand, i would be in the shower. if i tried to charge with my right shoulder. i used the door with leverage to pull myself into the door. >> that's leverage, but at that particular point, it had nothing to do with balance because you had balance. >> that's correct, my lady. >> now you also said that you pulled the door to try and pull it open. >> that's correct, my lady. >> that's also with the gun in your right hand. >> that's correct, my lady. >> why would you do that if you now want to do anything possible to open that door, why would you still run around with a gun in your hand? >> i don't know, my lady. >> it's not -- because it's not true. >> that's not true, my lady.
12:56 am
>> then you kicked the door while you had the gun in your hand? >> that's correct, my lady. >> what happened then? you said you went out to get the bat, you got the bat -- >> i ran back -- >> screaming? >> that's correct, my lady. i was screaming. >> but before that, when you were in the remember that trying to shoulder charge the door, you were screaming? >> i was crying out and screaming. i was screaming, "reeva! reeva!" i was crying, the more desperate i got, that i couldn't get into the toilet. i was crying out, and then i ran to get the cricket bat, and then i ran back to the toilet. >> all this time screaming, crying as hard -- >> crying and screaming, my
12:57 am
lady. >> see, let us -- >> not as hard as i could all the time. i was screaming as -- i was overcome with terror and despair. at times i was screaming loud. at times i was crying out. >> now you weren't screaming at reeva because she was hiding in a toilet, were you -- >> his fifth day under cross-examination. you're watching live testimony of oscar pistorius at his trial in pretoria. >> for viewers in the united states, "early start" is coming up next. for everyone else, we will return you to this live testimony underway. >> you hit the door --
12:58 am
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breaking news this morning. the underwater search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 intensifies. just over an hour ago, investigators reveal what the bluefin submarine saw its first day combing the bottom of the ocean, this as we learn the details about what was happening in that plane's cockpit just before it disappeared. was the co-pilot trying to send someone a warning? we're live with the very latest this morning. also, a tense standoff in ukraine. pro-russian protesters refuse to disarm, refuse to step aside. they're ignoring ukraine's threat to send